A supportive jurisdiction for innovators, investors, and early adopters

Meet Ledger Atlas

Ledger Atlas Was founded on the premise that new forms of governments can rise in the form of Charter Cities and creating environments that promote equal opportunity and support for citizens with aspirations to make an impact through innovation.

Register your Company

Form your company, register as an investor, service provider, market exchange in our partner jurisdictions and Charter City.

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Gain access to capital

By registering your business with Ledger Atlas, you'll gain access to a wide range of funding sources from a network of trusted investors – from banks and investment firms to venture capitalists and angel investors.

Join a community of innovators

As a member of the Ledger Atlas community, your company will benefit from the collaborative community of innovators and have a participating voice in establishing standards and best practices for reputable ventures.

Build a robust business infrastructure

Your company will benefit from establishing business relationships with a network of trusted, pre-approved services providers such as banks, legal and regulatory advisors, and exchanges with a dedicated practice for the special needs of technology companies.

The Ledger Atlas Promise:
A Jurisdiction for the world's most innovative startups

We are creating a charter city that is open source in nature and enables and supports companies and individuals to realize their true potential.

Establish a robust and future-proof framework that enables companies to thrive as a fundraising, go-to-market and growth strategy.

Allow necessary service providers, such as banks and exchanges, to work with companies in our ecosystem.

Provide consumer and investor protections to strengthen the ecosystem.